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The personal loan from Individuals Finance is a financing solution for all your projects from €2,000 to €50,000 with a term of 12 to 84 months.

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At HAMAL GROUP, we can reassure you. Your data is transmitted in compliance with applicable security standards and treated with the utmost care.


Our decision-making is done on-site, leading to quicker responses to your inquiries. We understand the needs of our citizens..


We offer the most competitive products and prices, including various factoring alternatives..


Debtor management is conducted by experts. We treat our customers with respect, just as we would like to be treated ourselves..

Our credit services


Personal loan

A personal loan helps finance projects and cover urgent needs without depleting savings. It provides financial flexibility through staggered repayments and can be an economical option for unexpected or planned expenses, thanks to lower interest rates compared to many credit cards.


Car loan

A car loan facilitates the purchase of a vehicle through staggered payments, allowing the buyer to choose a suitable car. It spreads the costs over months or years and can be a wise investment in sustainable mobility, thanks to competitive interest rates.


Student loan

A student loan finances higher education and allows focus on studies without financial pressure. It facilitates access to important training for one's career. The long-term investment in education can offset the loan costs through future salary increases and career opportunities.


Home loan

A home loan facilitates the acquisition of real estate through staggered payments. It allows for wealth accumulation and the enjoyment of suitable housing. During loan repayment, the owner's equity increases, and they can benefit from property value appreciation.


Business loan

A business loan supports companies in making investments without consuming liquidity. It provides flexibility for growth, personnel, and expansion. Companies can spread costs over a longer period and generate income from investments facilitated by the loan.

Who are we?

HAMAL GROUP is a broker with strong local roots and connections to the rest of the world. For 15 years, we have been supporting individuals and businesses in realizing their ambitions. We aim to help our customers build financial confidence and establish their lives and businesses on a solid financial foundation. We are committed to providing long-term value to all our stakeholders - our customers, shareholders, and the companies we belong to - and our vision is to be recognized as the most trusted financial partner.

  • >Dedicated specialists
  • Performance evaluation
  • No upfront assessment fees
  • 2000€ to 500 000€
  • 12 months to 148 months
  • Fixed interest rate of 3%
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Debt consolidation

Learn how to consolidate your payments into a single payment and maintain your financial health.

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The benefits of a personal loan

At times, cash flow may not be sufficient to finance the project of your dreams. Organizing a wedding, a trip, replacing a car, or carrying out renovations are costly and necessary life projects, therefore a personal loan is the solution.

Bei HAMAL GROUPoffers you a new experience of a 100% online personal loan for financing your project. You can sign your contract remotely and immediately download the necessary documents to complete your personal credit file. This online application for personal loans is simple, fast, and transparent. A financing solution where you also benefit from a particularly attractive fixed annual interest rate (or effective annual interest rate). This way, you can realize your project without worrying about the future. !

The amount and term of a personal loan

The personal loan falls under consumer law, which sets minimum and maximum terms and amounts. This allows you to take out a loan from HAMAL GROUP ranging from 1,000 to 500,000 euros. The repayment period is between 6 months and 10 years. Typically, the first monthly payment is made 30 days after the funds are disbursed. The exact date of this payment is specified in the contract. The institution providing you with the financing may also grant you a payment deferral of 2 to 3 months, but this is not automatic.

Supporting documents for creating a personal loan file

The acceptance of a personal loan depends primarily on the resources and assets of the applicant. It is indeed crucial to ensure beforehand that their financial situation and capital allow them to manage the monthly repayments.

Therefore, individuals financing requests the documents required by law or according to the practices of banking institutions for the creation of your file. However, we will not ask you to provide original documents: you only need to upload your documents on our platform.

Personal loan: the benefits of individuals financing

Für Borrower means benefiting from a personal loan from individuals financing under fair and competitive conditions. Our rates are the most competitive on the market, ranging from 2.99 to 4%. We exclusively offer depreciable personal loans at fixed interest rates and constant monthly installments without hidden costs.

Furthermore, you benefit from exceptional speed: Our technologies for analyzing personal loan applications allow the financing of a project in record time; You generally receive a response directly at the end of your online loan application. Once your file has been completed from home, you will receive a final response within 24 hours(1).

The automation of certain loan applications enables objective and immediate decisions, avoiding biased judgments and intrusive questions.

Finally, individuals financing opens the black box of personal loans. The borrower is thus transparent and informed in real-time about every step of the processing of their file via email. Explanations about their personal creditworthiness and the progress of their file are provided in simple and understandable terms by our advisors, who can be reached by email, WhatsApp, and phone! Our customer service is at your disposal.


What customers are saying


At first, I was skeptical about an online loan, but I am pleasantly surprised! Your team is very professional and guided me through every step. I recommend it 100%.

Wolfgang Schäfer

I was very impressed with the online loan service. The staff was very friendly and helpful, taking the time to answer all my questions. I am very satisfied with my experience.


I had a mixed experience with the online loan service. The staff was friendly, but the process took a bit longer than expected. However, the interest rate is appealing.

Klaus Schneider

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